8 november
it is very hot,the sun is just up Bali, the raining season doesn t begin yet....

23 oct Gallungan is an important day for balinese family, the Gods are coming down, front of each balineses house there is a penjor, kind of bambou full decorated, take picture , it is wonderfull.

oct 20 from january we will propose to you cruises all around indonesia.. have fun.....

oct 12

In Bali : the 12 kms highway on the sea is now open. Car 65 cents € and motor bike 26 cents. At the airport, the new international terminal is also open.

In Sumba : 4 wells are being set up in North Sumba area. A 29th well is being built in Kabu Karudi, small village in Lamboya, South Sumba ! See also the site PUITS DE L'ESPOIR : http://puits-espoir.com. To be congratulated two classes of students who wished to be part of the adventure : those of 2nd grade students from ‘Surabaya International School' in Indonesia and St John College from Bagnols sur Ceze (Gard, France) who has gathered funds that allowed to buy 400 meters pipes ! Thanks to all of them and particularly their teachers (Angela, Nicole and their ‘accomplices’).